fAbe’s portfolio


18 Responses to “fAbe’s portfolio”

  1. mind blowing designs, simply fantastic.

  2. Hi fabien rougemont, you have true talent. Do you have a website? where can I find more of your designs? Can a person buy the Honda Hornet extras that you designed? If so, where can I buy the Hornet accessories?

    • Thanks a lot for your comment Mark!

      I don’t yet have any website today, but I’m working on it. You can find more of my designs anywhere! [Joke!].
      I suggest you to contact BOXER DESIGN to know if the HONDA Hornet “R” is available in your country [Just available in Europe] and BOXER will be able to provide your HONDA dealer.

      Have a nice ride! Enjoy! [But take care!]

  3. Nicely done, i like the Varadero 125 travel edition!

    • Hi MadM!
      The Varadero “Travel Edition” is not my favorite, but she’s also cute for me!

  4. Am ’bout to die…. SUCH AMAZING DESIGNS!!!!!!!!

    • Hi! who are you? AAaaahhh, OK, Ankit!!!!

      Many comments from you, and I didn’t reply to the comments since a long time!
      Don’t die yet!! Come to DSK before!! 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your nice appreciation!
      Best regards,
      Fabien ROUGEMONT

  5. Your designs are so inspiring I stumbled onto a photo of the Honda cb1000r and them to your design site . I got stuck trying to figure out a new look for my old 01 Yamaha fz1 .Then it happen I saw the cb1000r boxer the shapes are so appealing like a blend of nature something growing, but with purposeful contrast . Sorry I could just go on ,want to thank you the inspiration . I like drawing / design myself and fabricating parts for motorcycle for fun .I find all your rendering outstanding good stuff eh.

    • Dear Mark,

      Thank you very much for your nice comment and point of view! I appreciate a lot!
      I design only for you, for us, as passionate motorbike riders! To be inspired as you said! To be as appealing,sexy and attractive as possible!

      And I am every time enjoying when I have this kind of feedback!
      Please, feel free if you want to show me some of your stuffs you make! It would be with pleasure to see you work also!
      Nice meeting you Mark!
      Sportive regards! Enjoy!


  6. I met fabe at this year auto expo at N Delhi and i was really impressed by his inspiring street fighter project done alongside with his students. i love the intensity in your sketches. Looking to see more ahead.

  7. mé i mo chónaí sa Bhrasaíl agus gabhálais mar seo go N’fheadar conas is féidir liom a cheannach?…

  8. Hello fabien I live in Brazil and want to know if I have to buy the accessories of the hornet 600?

  9. Q What interests me most of head wind and jump fork and lower fairing parts more, because the other pieces I can find chi in Brazil, if possible send me the price too, I thank you in advance.

  10. where can i buy this kind of material.
    Specific for Honda NT 700 Deauville

    • Dear Francisco, sorry for the late reply, I suggest you to contact Boxer Design to know if the special “travel Edition” is still in the Honda network. Cheers!

  11. HEY, FAB WORK FABIEN….just reviewed your entire portfolio , which has variety as well as freshness. great work.inspiring work mate….

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