#2010.09.05 Fashion & Glamour Photography in Mehboob Studio – Mumbai –

“Fashion & Glamour” – Photography Workshops –
By Fashion Photographer VIPIN GAUR

& SmartWorkshops Team, DEVASHISH NANDI.

In Mehboob Studio.

Thanks a lot to them for this great phtography week-end in Mumbai!
I enjoyed & learned a lot!

I’ve tried my best to have nice pics of model inside this studio!
Don’t hesitate to give me feedback on them!


Hairs in the Wind!

Hairs in the Wind!


~ by fAbe on September 16, 2010.

8 Responses to “#2010.09.05 Fashion & Glamour Photography in Mehboob Studio – Mumbai –”

  1. Waouh, my son, I am impressed by your talent !!!! I know you enjoyed this workshop and also improved your knowledge and technics about photography !!!!

    the model is beautiful !!



    • Wouaiiiiiiiihhh!!!!!!
      Thank you Mamou!!!
      Yes, it was very nice!! I learned a lot regarding the lights in a studio!!
      I’m already waiting for the next…but not a lot of time to do it…
      See you soon over here in India!!!
      I’m waiting for you eagerly!!

  2. beautiful girl with such beautiful eyes !!!

    • Yeaaah!! As you said, beautifull eyes! Actually, they were dark brown… So I’ve cheated a bit on Photoshop!!!;-)

  3. Ahahahah !!! So you’ve cheated a bit on photoshop to make her green eyes …………… You’re a very clever boy my son and I reiterate : I’m so proud of you, so is your Dad and your brother and sister. Go ahead my sweet heart with what you know doing the best.

    And now we can exchange in English my big son !!!

    Counting the days remaining until we see you ………………… so soon now !!!!! YOUPIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!

    looking forward seeing you !!!!!

    your mom

  4. just spoke with your brother and we thought of you saying we’ll meet soon. Will enjoy being with you.

    lots of kisses from both of us

  5. very nice

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