#2009.10.09 S.U.M Concept [Sport Utility Motorcycle]

S.U.M Concept, A New Motorbike for India, made in PUNE [Maharashtra].

Team of S.U.M Concept:

  • Fabien ROUGEMONT: Transportation Designer specialized in Motorcycle DesignDesign Manager of S.U.M Concept – In Charge of Motorcycle Design Division – Drawing Trainer – Advanced Clay Modeling – Prototype Manager – http://in.linkedin.com/in/fabienrougemont
  • Sachin PANCHAL: 5th Year Transportation Design Student
  • Makarand POTDAR: 5th Year Transportation Design Student
  • Mukesh PANCHAL: Clay Modeler
Final Design by fAbe

Final Design by fAbe


~ by fAbe on March 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “#2009.10.09 S.U.M Concept [Sport Utility Motorcycle]”

  1. the new electric concept bikes look great as well

    • Dear Dream Rider Team,

      Thanks for your comment!
      Actually, the S.U.M Concept [Sport Utility Motorcycle] is not an electric bike, but why not to make the electric version next! The S.U.M Concept is based with the Yamaha FZ16’s engine [150cc], a new small motorbike for India!
      We have presented this motorbike as a full scale Clay Model in the last Delhi Auto Expo 2010 [in January], now we have to finish it with all the fairings in fiber glass and carbon.

      I checked out your web site, that’s great! Many motorcycle rally! When will you have one in North of India?:-)
      Best regards,

  2. I really like the concept created, looks similar to the KTM 150cc Duke, but with a bolder twist to it. I hope it gets put into production someday! Would make a great learners bike.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment Luiz! I’m glad that you appreciate the S.U.M Concept! I would be glad to see it in production as well but, it’s just a concept, a vision for a new market opportunity in India. As you speak about KTM 150 Duke, I am quite glad because I begun this concept before to hear that KTM was going to launch the Duke in India.. ;D
      Cheers Luiz!

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