#2010.01.02 Happy New Year!! [French Christmas Hollydays]

Daddy has decided to purchase a second mythical car!

After the Chevrolet CORVETTE 1979, today this is the magic act of the Ford MUSTANG SHELBY 350GT [Convertible]




~ by fAbe on March 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “#2010.01.02 Happy New Year!! [French Christmas Hollydays]”

  1. Waouhhhhhhhhh !!!! Such marvellous photos my son !!! I just wanted to post a few words just after our telephone conversation a few minutes ago …. First message has been squeezed out, because I’m not very clever with this kind of animal (computer). Now I think I’ve understood. New attempt ………. mdrrrrrrrrrr … By the way we are very proud of you, about your english language, etc …..!!! Did I tell you that your uncle has been bitten by the mythical cars’ virus ……….. lol !! He has bought a TR3 Triumph and an Austin Healey … yes, yes !!!!!!

    We are missing you so much, please, take good care of yourself

    Your mum and Dad with love

  2. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS ……….. it has worked.

    Only because I panic and don’t read properly all information written, then …… hop too late !!!!! messages written, often lost !!!
    your mum

  3. Yes, It was great having you all at Home at christmas time but we didn’t enjoy it as much as we should have done because of your granny’s illness !!! But we have picked up every bit we could !!!

    lots of kisses my son from your mum and Dad

  4. awe lovley shots of this great muscle car…

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