#2009.03.14 We got the BULLET in India

Royal Enfield's Fuel Tank

Royal Enfield's Fuel Tank


~ by fAbe on March 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “#2009.03.14 We got the BULLET in India”

  1. Lionel, Anne So and Marie in your helmet, but first of all, yourself taking the picture then Lionel

    Brilliant !!!!!

    I recognize my son doing these sorts of pictures !!

    By the way, are you improving your English ???? of course !!

  2. satisfied in front of your new motorbikes ?? and brand new helmets ??

    waouh !!!

  3. I like your bullet style !!!

  4. lots of kisses from your mum

    your Dad still sleeping !!

  5. Dear Mum!

    Thank you very much for your comments!
    I also appreciate a lot our motorbikes even if they are not very powerful like in France!
    But it’s a pleasure to ride in India! It’s simply incredible!

    When will you arrive in India? I will lend you my Bullet! You will see, it’s a moped in comparison with your 750FZX!

    See you!


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