International School of Design [ISD] – DSK SUPINFOCOM CAMPUS

Work In Progess at Fursungi Campus

Work In Progess at Fursungi Campus...


~ by fAbe on January 27, 2009.

12 Responses to “International School of Design [ISD] – DSK SUPINFOCOM CAMPUS”

  1. Hi!I am pratik..i am plaing to join Dsk for transport my xam dis sat..cud u pls tel more on d institute n how its like and future aspects as der arnt many reviews abt it!

  2. hi there iam zaidali iam planning to join dsk supinfocom for animation next year as i am currently doing a one year diploma in animation(once completed ill be joining supinfocom)….could u pls tell me more abt the institute regarding its faculty,campus,overall curriculum…is there any way i can get in touch wid u via email….my email id is….ive got loads of questions tht i want to ask regarding the institute……..

    • Hi Zaidali!

      Thanks for planning to join DSK Supinfocom, it is a great Campus!
      You can call somebody from the marketing department of the School, Mr. Umesh TASHILDAR [Executive Director of the Campus], or Mr. Jerzy KULAR the Head of Animation School [DSK SUPINFOCOM].
      You will be able to visit directly the web site of DSK SUPINFOCOM GROUP where you will find all the contacts.

      I am a faculty of DSK ISD [DSK International School of Design]


  3. Hey there,
    Am planning to join DSK for animation programme. Currently in Class 12th. Can you please tell me some way through which I can directly contact its faculties????

    • Dear Ankit,

      I am a faculty of DSK ISD [DSK International School of Design], not for animation!
      Thanks for your interest for DSK Supinfocom, as I said earlier you can directly contact the School!
      They will revert back to you with pleasure!

      See you, perhaps in DSK Supinfocom next year?
      Good luck!

  4. dude did u abctually joined?? Asking coz i m planning to join..but don’t realy noe nethng abt dis inst.

    • Dear Abu,

      As I said, I’m a faculty of DSK ISD [International School of Design], and Yes, I joined since the beginning of DSK SUPINFOCOM International Campus, we opened the School in September 2008.
      Please check out the web site DSK SIC to collect more information!

      Thanking you!
      Fabien ROUGEMONT

  5. how many course are teaching in your institute ? 7 what are the qualification of that course? Give me in detail.

    • Dear Siddhesh,

      How many courses? A lot guy!! What do you think? 😉
      DSK is one of the “Elite” Institutes in India! So, many courses, many work, many projects, many skills, and “Rare” professional faculties! 🙂
      I’m a faculty for DSK ISD [International School of Design] in India. There are three schools, one for Animation [DSK Supinfocom], one for Game Design [DSK Supinfogame], then one for Industrial Design [DSK International School of Design].
      Please contact the School to have all the details!

      Best regards,
      Fabien ROUGEMONT

  6. hi!Im srikanth ….im planning 2join transportation design….kud u plz snd me te fee structure4it… plz..

    • Dear Srikanth,

      Thanks for the interest you have for DSK SUPINFOCOM CAMPUS, but please contact the School!

      Best regards,
      Fabien ROUGEMONT

  7. Hello Fabien,
    My name is Ajay. i m basically a mechanical engineer. i have been thinking of joining ISD for the Advanced course in Digital design. But could you please compare this course with transportation design? What is the role played by both Digital designer and transportation designer in an automotive company? And how is ISD rated in Europe? Especially in France. I hope it is one of the best Design schools in Europe.
    Thank you.

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