#2012.04.24-25-26 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition [Report]

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2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

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#2011.03.12 Fashion & Glamour Photography – Smartworkshop – GOA [INDIA]

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Fashion & Glamour Photography

Smartworkshop in GOA by Fashion Photographer Vipin GAUR

and Smartworkshop Team Devashish NANDI

3 incredible days in GOA enjoying any subjects and photography!

My first experience as outdoor professional photography, managing natural and artificial lights.

And then the evening I was enjoying parties with my friend Guig’s [alias President] who was also in GOA for few days.

It gave me another good opportunity to practice some night life style pictures as I use to do.

Cheers!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Dewy photography

Dewy photography

Jungle Jane

Jungle Jane

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#2010.09.05 Fashion & Glamour Photography in Mehboob Studio – Mumbai –

•September 16, 2010 • 8 Comments

“Fashion & Glamour” – Photography Workshops –
By Fashion Photographer VIPIN GAUR

& SmartWorkshops Team, DEVASHISH NANDI.

In Mehboob Studio.

Thanks a lot to them for this great phtography week-end in Mumbai!
I enjoyed & learned a lot!

I’ve tried my best to have nice pics of model inside this studio!
Don’t hesitate to give me feedback on them!


Hairs in the Wind!

Hairs in the Wind!

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#2010.09.11 Light Paintings with Martin, Louise & Shervin

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After a good restaurant for the Ruchi’s Birthday, we did an “After Party” on the top of our Guest House to look the planets [with the telescopic lens of Martin], then we did a session ofย  “Light Paintings” with my camera.

That was very funy! Enjoy, Fun, jokes, laughs, trip, and creativity painting!

Have a look!



The Most Beautiful Paint by Martin

The Most Beautiful Paint by Martin

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#2010.09.10 Off Road In Motorbike With Dear Students

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Hi there!

Today was a good road trip in motorbike around Pune with my dear students!

I was supposed to join them for a ride, but I proposed them to go somewhere, on a way I know, where I went 3 times enjoying the landscape and off roads.

We did about 64.3 Km in the fields, in off road and a part of the city. That was very nice, but my arms were completely burnt with the sun!

We were most of the time in off road close to Bolhai Mandir, some very nice fields and lansdcape where I like to go to take a big breeze! In motorbike for sure! Get the freedom!

Thanks to Val, Berie, Victor, Alex, Vincent, Julien, Margaux, Philippe, Marine, Marc, to have been there!

From 11:45 a.m to 4:00 p.m, we enjoyed a lot! Nice road trip!

See you soon in class dear students!!


A Part of the Team

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#2010.03.20 Ruchi’s Robots [From DSK SUPINFOCOM]

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This is to present you a marvellous sculpture work made by Ruchi SINGHAL [Anatomical Drawing and Clay Modeling Trainer at DSK SUPINFOCOM International Campus], and her animation students.

Some Robots escaped from a fantastic movie to join DSK!

Welcome to you extra robots! Congratulations to Ruchi, her students, welders and workers! and thanks to DSK for these TOYOTA mechanical parts!

Thanks to you DSK SUPINFOCOM to give pleasure to our eyes!



TROY in DSK...

TROY in DSK...

Hanuman, the Monkey-God, is fighting...

Hanuman, the Monkey-God, is fighting...

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#2009-2010 Sketches from Pune [INDIA]

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Training in DSK ISD [International School of Design], I’m sketching evrything for the students, and for sure, for myself…

Some sketches made in Pune, India, a place of inspiration…


Pleasure to sketch in India

Pleasure to sketch in India

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